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The Death Game

The Death Game is about two vampires living in Flagstaff, Arizona. Caroline and Charlie find increasingly creative ways to “kill” themselves, knowing that they will heal and recover. It keeps them entertained and allows them to explore some of the darker experiences of vampire life. It’s an exploration of codependency, mental illness, love, and the breakdown of a relationship.

Bloodletting: Book One


Discover the first book in the Bloodletting series

In the early 1970s, Charlie, a teenage runaway, and a vampire named Caroline meet, and the course of Charlie’s life is changed forever. Caroline wants a partner for eternity, and Charlie wants to escape to Los Angeles. We follow as their relationship blooms and decays into madness.

Bloodletting: Book Two


Discover the first book in the Bloodletting series

We follow Jack, an immortal serial killer, as he is imprisoned in Victorian London and taken to Los Angeles. We tag along when he’s released in the 1930s, and follow as he attempts to adjust to the “modern” world in America.


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