Author: joe

  • Introductions

    Hello, I’m Joe Humphrey. I’m an artist and writer from California, currently living in Victoria, BC, Canada. I’m in my 40s, married, and have no human children. I sell prints in my Etsy store and my writing is on Amazon. My first novel, published early last year, is Charlie. It follows a teenage runaway as she tries to hitchhike […]

  • Professionally Rendered!

    I did a thing! I’ve been considering hiring an artist to do some character design for my novel, Charlie. I’ve contacted a couple of people over the last year and I just never had the right price point or life was getting crazy, but Tera S showed up at exactly the right time. I can’t say enough […]

  • The Office Bully

    So I’ve had something on my mind lately. I think that the Jim Halpert character on The Office is the most accurate and honest portrayal of a bully I’ve ever seen on TV.

  • How Pet Sematary Changed My Life

    In 1989 I was eleven years old and I was not fond of horror movies. I had seen horror movies but they scared me and I didn’t understand why a person would choose to do something that scared them.