Hello, I’m Joe Humphrey. I’m an artist and writer from California, currently living in Victoria, BC, Canada. I’m in my 40s, married, and have no human children. I sell prints in my Etsy store and my writing is on Amazon.

My first novel, published early last year, is Charlie. It follows a teenage runaway as she tries to hitchhike from Utah to Los Angeles, and runs into a vampire named Caroline, who offers her an incredible gift: immortality. It comes at a heavy price, and Charlie soon learns that the hard way.

The next novel is a follow up (though technically a prequel) called Jack, which follows Jean La Flour, a serial killer (and vampire) as he is imprisoned in Victorian London and taken to Los Angeles. He’s released in the 1930s and we tag along as he attempts to adjust to the “modern” world in America. I’m working on it now, as well as prepping third novel, which is probably going to be called Danny.

In personal news, my wife, Sandra, battled colorectal cancer over the last year, and is officially cancer free! It’s been a harrowing journey but I had total confidence that Sandra was up for the task, and we won this round together. Hopefully that’s the end of it. Fingers crossed!

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