Portrait of Suicide Girl “Cadavre”

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Kristen Schaal


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I think this is my favorite digital thing I’ve done so far.

I haven’t decided what to do about prints yet. I’m going to email Puddles and see if he wants to do anything with this and if not, if he would mind if I sold prints in my Society6 or Redbubble store.

find Puddles here:

If you’re not familiar with him, please do yourself a favor and go watch his youtube videos. Especially the ones with Post Modern Jukebox.


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Rubeus Hagrid


Took another run at painting directly in color instead of starting in black and white and layering color on top. I feel like a jackass for waiting so long to do it this way because it’s way better.

Anyway, back to it.

here’s the print: Society6

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Aubrey Suicide


So far with my digital painting, I’ve been mostly working in black and white and then painting on color on its own layer. That felt limiting to me though, so I wanted to try and work directly with color from the get-go, and treat it more like a traditional painting. I was intimidated by this at first, and it took a few runs at it, but I’m happy with the result. It’s not perfect, by any means, but it does look like the style I was going for and I think I could do more like this and feel good about it.

I decided to put the full thing behind a link, just because I wasn’t sure if I should have naked boobs on my front page (especially since my next post is a Harry Potter character) so click through to see the whole thing!

Continue reading “Aubrey Suicide”

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Lady Stark

Went for another kind of vintage-y looking style. I’m thinking about going back and doing some more Gotham characters. We’ll see.

Anyway, I’m pretty pleased with how this one came out.


Print available here: Society6

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Harvey Bullock


Decided to take a break from the Lana Del Rey portrait I was working on so I could do something that wasn’t covered in a million tiny jeweled flowers. So I decided to do a vintagey looking drawing of Harvey Bullock from Gotham. I’ve always liked Donal Logue and I think he’s fantastic on the show, and has a great face.

Print here: Society6

Well this is exciting!


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Things I researched when writing

We’ll Meet Again by Vera Lynn – Did some reading about whether or not it’s in the public domain. As it turns out, it is not. So boo. Thanks for NOTHING Vera Lynn.

I Wanna Be Like You from The Jungle Book – Mostly what kind of music it is, technically (dixieland) and how it translates to instrumental.

What the word “quaffed” means in relation to hair – Just like… styled. I like the word and I wanted to used it, but I also wanted to make sure I knew what it meant.

What the baton in a relay race is called: A baton. Thanks internet!

What do you call a little particle of dust floating around? – A “mote.” Good to know.


When did The Jungle Book come out and when did Walt Disney die? – I’m editing and revising right now, and I knew that I anachronistically referenced a song from The Jungle Book in a scene that takes place in 1964 (as it was pointed out to me by someone who is very smart about all things Disney) but I wanted to see just how far off it was. I decided to keep it, even though The Jungle Book came out in 1967. I was going to make it clear that the “memory” I was describing wasn’t entirely accurate by having Walt Disney himself appear in it (hence looking up when he died. 1966. The Jungle Book was the last Disney movie he worked on) but I think I’m going to ditch that idea and just leave The Jungle Book reference as anachronistic and if anyone asks, I’ll just say that the memory isn’t totally accurate.

When did Don’t Fear the Reaper (and a couple other Blue Oyster Songs) come out? – 1976. A little too late for my use, though I might still use it later.

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A bit of the original screenplay from a million years ago


Alice is standing, shivering. A long hallway stretches out in front of her. The lights are dim and the walls are dirty metal like the manhole tube. Water runs under the grate floor. The hall is lined with more portals like the one she just came through. They’ve all got electric slots for a key card, like a hotel door, at the side of them.

She is startled when the portal she just came through suddenly slams shut, the wheel spinning quickly and locking into place. She turns back to the hall.

Alice walks slowly down the hall. There are strange mechanical noises in the walls. Alice starts trying to open the doors. They’re all sealed tight. She is  starting to panic a little.

The VOICE (from her dream) startles her.

You could try the key.

Alice quickly spins, looking for the owner of the voice.

Hello? Hello? Where are you?

Look above you.

Alice does. There’s a metal ceiling with large vents.

I still don’t see you.

Because I’m not there. Look.

She looks longer and sees that there is a series of speakers running along the ceiling of the hall.

Oh. Can you help me get out of

Like I said. Try the key.

Alice looks up and down the hall but nothing is there.

I… I don’t see-

A drawer shoots out of the wall suddenly. It’s a ratty semi clear plastic. A plastic card sits in it. Alice picks it up and looks it over. On one side is a magnetic strip. On the other side is a Queen of Hearts playing card.


Alice starts trying the key in the slots at the side of each door. Above each key-slot is a small monitor. With each door she tries she gets a “DENIED” with the key. Alice gets frustrated.

(to the voice)
It’s not working!

Try the door at the very end of the

Alice looks and sees a small door at the very end of the hall. It’s actually a REAL door as opposed to the metal portals we’ve seen so far. She kneels down and runs her fingers over the surface of the door. It’s locked. She puts the key into the key slot and there’s a series of electronic whirring sounds, and then the door clicks open. Alice opens it the rest of the way and peers through.

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